Real People Real Impact



 Thank you for your workshops in public speaking.  My administrators loved each session and the different presentation skills they learned. They actually reported to the Board of Education thanking me for providing the professional development that is so valuable for them in their work everyday. B.L.

Wonderful speaking coach. Helped me a lot to prepare for my presentation. Very recommended. J.S.

Nancy is fantastic!! Highly recommend her. Very good at  techniques to improve speaking skills. She has a holistic approach including speech exercises as well as specific feedback on delivery, content, phrases, diction etc. She is also very easy to work with. Thanks Nancy for all your help.  S. M.

Nancy has developed a 5 steps program, however, she tailored the program to my needs. She also gave me  great feedback and numerous tips how to improve my speech.  Nancy is easy to talk, warm person that will make you feel comfortable on a personal level but will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone during her classes. I recommend her 100%. 

I have to say I was fairly nervous when I first reached out to Nancy. Public speaking in the past has given me intense anxiety - and the thought of practicing it gave me more anxiety!  I worked with Nancy one on one and immediately felt comfortable her. She is incredibly warm and professional. She was able to identify my strengths and work with my learning style in order to find the best teaching, activities, and tools to make me a confident speaker. She's a true inspiration and fun to work with.   Through a series of guided visualizations, exercises, and observation we agreed on some clear goals for me to work toward. Each day I'm getting better and better with what I've learned from Nancy. L.F.

Thank you for the wonderful public speaking class experience,  I never expected to be writing those words because I'm so afraid of speaking in public.  M. P.

You have such a gift for setting people at ease and creating a safe and creative environment.  In short, "Speak UP, Speak OUT"  was fantastic!  G.H.

Wonderful, productive experience.  Nancy Maloy makes the art of public speaking, of simply communicating well, accessible to anyone.  It’s easy to see the wealth of knowledge and experience Nancy brings to the table, but it’s impressive to observe how she translates all that into a truly manageable system that really works!  I am a school teacher, and, since Nancy’s workshop, I have brought so many of her teachings into my own classroom, and have even helped my students become better public speakers themselves.  Added to all this, Nancy is one of the warmest, kindest, most supportive and generous teachers I have ever met.  With her expert guidance, you truly believe you can do something you might never have attempted.  J.M.